Sunday, August 21, 2005

Thank You

Thank you guys so much for coming !!!! It was so amazing to have everyone here!! And don't forget there's a lot of alcohol we could have another party !!!! :D

Danny and Diana thank you for driving all the way from Rochester, and for the wonderful Dominoes set (which I beat Herve at tonight)!!
Christina thank you for all the cool glasses, the Tarot book and the GRE stuff and of course for poting my dyeing plants...and for standing Danny so many hours in the car...:p jk
Natasa thanks for trying to pick up hot stuff for me :P
Josh and Diego thanks for getting lost...and still making it here..and Josh breakfast was awesome and so were the new salsa moves !!!!!!!Mihnea thanks for brining the package from my mom and for coming all that way...Manny thank for still coming even though it was like the 3rd weekend here almost in a row...


So after getting my ass kicked at UNO and after everyone left and I finished cleaning for like 3 hours..I got really lonley and decided to cook...mexican foooood !
I made fried chipotle mushrooms, cillantro and lime shrimp, guacamole, beans and eggs , warm olive bread and aqua fresca .... yummmmmmmmm


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