Friday, September 23, 2005

The sad story of a leaf

I was observing you from far away waiting for something to happen. But you were just talking to the wind about your past and for an instant I felt jealous you were letting her play with your hair.
It's just the wind; you said laughing and looked away.
Angry I tried to chase her away threatening her with my little fists. She just passed by without looking, blowing some water from a puddle on my green silky dress.
I sobbed then bitter drops of dew I could not be careless and free like her. Later even mighty sun turned red with pity and started to descend and ask me about my day.
You are jealous now, I know, and you maybe miss me a little trying to cast your dark protective shadows over me again.
But I'm too far not thanks to your crazy swirling friend and soon I will be nothing but a dry leaf while you will still reign in your greatness over all the other oaks in the park.


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