Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Forgetting the Magic

Why sometimes something that could make me so happy scares me to death... And why it's better to be heartbroken than loved out of pity. This story that Coehlo wrote a while ago still stuck in my head..

A seagull was flying over a beach when it spotted a cat andimmediately fell in love. She descended from the sky and asked:

- Where are your wings?

Each animal speaks only one language, and the cat did not understand what was said. But he did notice that the animal standing there had two strange things coming out of its body. "It must be some sort of disease," thought the cat. The seagull saw that her new love was staring at her:

- Poor thing! He has been attacked by monsters, they've left him deaf and taken his wings.

Filled with pity, she took the cat in her beak and carried him off high in the air. "At least we can spend some time together," shethought as they flew along. And the cat fell in love with that magical creature who allowed him to fly beyond his dreams. But since all her efforts to show her love were in vain, the seagull took him back to the ground and left in search of someone who would understand her better.

For a few months the cat was deeply sad: he had flown high in thesky, seen a vast and beautiful world from above, and found acompanion. But as time went by, he grew used to what he had been before, concluded that he had not been born to go so far in hisd reams, and never more wished for something good to happen in hislife, because that caused him so much suffering.

Paulo Coehlo :: Warrior of the Light


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