Monday, June 05, 2006


It's late and I decided to debug instead of sleep.
Lately I have been reading very weird stuff.. I started reading Nietzsche...and I really like it. Then from Nietzsche I became curious about the life of Socrates, so I started reading Plato's dialogues. Maybe that's when it all became a little depressing... Socrates believed like was a sickness and when he chose death over exile he felt he was being cured... so much for optimism.

Then I began being fascinated by courtesan and I found this quite interesting blog..
Ah well.. this is where an ivy league engineering education could lead you..

What else... I need to start moving sad. I will miss the couch on the porch so much...

I almost forgot.. I've been having this debate about Cow. Cow is the very cute sheep that Eric gave me. She is a sheep but her name is Cow. Certain people do not seem to believe this arguing that there are no black and white sheep. Here is an image of a black and white sheep ...


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