Monday, October 03, 2005

It's the same old story.

You meet someone.
You think he or she is cute.
You become friends thinking that the cute part doesn't matter, I mean let's face it a lot of your friends are cute.
You flirt because it's more fun.
One day, as you are talking to her or him you realize how amazing they are.
Not long after you realize you have a crush.
You make a few hints, none of them bold or successfully.
You go away for a while or they go away for a while, you think you'll forget about it.
You don't, it only gets worse.
The separation period ends, you think you're over it until you see them.
It's worse than you thought.
You give up.
You start acting awkward.
The friendship is over.
You cry for three days.

Sad ending:

You stop hanging out with them.

Happy ending:
You become friends again after some time passes and this time you can really be friends.

Stupid ending:
They actually liked you too but they were as awkward as you to make a move. They confess that when you've gotten over them.

Tragic ending:
You get together eventually but they have to leave the country and never come back, you can't mess up with fate.


Blogger vicky said...

hey mada............
its so nice.
i really like this message and wanna intrested to do freindship with u.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Cesar said...

Hola Mada.
Leyendo este articulo tan interesante, he caido en cuenta que aplicaria perfectamente a lo que me paso contigo.
Lo unico que me gustaria seria que ninguno de los finales ocurriera. Me gustaria el final feliz, pero no el de amigos, sino el final feliz de tener a la persona que uno quiere justo en el momento que mas se quiere. En el peor de los casos escojeria el final feliz (amigos), aunque es bastante dificil ver como amiga a una persona que gusta tanto.

Muy bonito tu articulo, pero te falto el verdadero final feliz!

5:15 PM  
Blogger madalina said...

The four different andings are the enddings I have experienced in the past.. I almost don't believe in real happy endings anymore...

3:44 PM  

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