Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sex and Lucia

Lucia: Can I talk to you?
Lorenzo: Now?
Lucia: Later, then.
Lorenzo: I'm with a friend. What about?
Lucia: Well...
Lorenzo: Is something wrong?
Lucia: Yes.
Lorenzo: Tell me.
Lucia: Now?
Lorenzo: Yes.
Lucia: What's your name?
Lucia: LucĂ­a.
Lorenzo: I'm Lorenzo.
Lucia: I know. I know you. I read your novel. Many times, and... I can't read anything else. It grabbed me inside and won't let go. But... I've also followed you. When I see you I like to follow behind and see where you go, in secret. I know where you live. It's nearby. And sometimes I see you here. Do you recognize me?
Lucia: I'm a waitress in that restaurant. You've never come in. My boss is fine. He's a good cook. But he wants to live together, and the truth is, I was really glad. Because... I felt needed. And I even like him. So... I've decided...
Lorenzo: What?
Lucia: The person I really wantto live with is you. It's not that you're lonely. I'm completely in love with you. Madly, as you can see.
Lorenzo: You're so brave.
Lucia: Yeah.
Lucia: And it's over.
Lucia: I tried.
Lucia: Did you enjoy that?
Lucia: Feel free to leave.
Lorenzo: Is there anything elseyou want?
Lucia: Yes. With time, living together, you'll end up falling in love with me, of course.
Lorenzo: I think I just did.


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