Tuesday, June 13, 2006


La Oreja de Van Gogh came out with a new album...soooo so exciting. I hope they tour US, I would be crazy to see them in concert!!! This really made my day.

On other notes I've been kind of sad lately. I even wrote about my sadness. Maybe I'll post it later.
Then suddenly I was stuck in traffic today and some very very nice things happen .. and the sadness was gone. Life can turn out so weird at times.

Also I have to add the foot I posted earlier is not mine as some people assumed.. But the painting on it is :))))

So if you stumble upon this... and are looking for furniture..can you contact me? I am selling everything !!!

I'm bored of writing.. I'm going to cook..salmon with garlic and cillantro..yuuuuummmmyyyyy !!


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