Friday, April 27, 2007

I miss reading..

Catching up with blogs... and I came upon a fragment from the Joke by Kundera... and for a moment I was back in Philly, reading it again on my great cute ugly couch... How is it that Kundera can catch our deepest desires... sometimes better than we do.

"It was an embarrassing thing to have to say, but I did have to say it. The conquest of a woman's mind follows its own inexorable laws, and all attempts at bringing her around with rational arguments are doomed to failure. The wise thing to do is to determine her basic self-image (her basic principles, ideals, convictions) and contrive (with the aid of sophistry, illogical rhetoric, and the like) to establish a harmonious relation between that self-image and the desired conduct on her part [...] A man may ask anything of a woman, but unless he wishes to appear a brute, he must make it possible for her to act in harmony with her deepest self-deceptions."


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