Wednesday, October 19, 2005


They are quite interesting you know, the ways of life.

There is a myth I was reminded of lately in one of Coehlo's newsletters, Warrior of the Light, The myth of Eros and Psyche. This myth says that love (Eros) and the soul(Pshyche)are always meant to be together. Coehlo concludes saying that "Whoever does not accept this and tries to find an explanation for magical and mysterious human relations will miss the best part of life."
Obviously Coelho is not an engineer.
Because I am one, after reading Coehlo's story I am left wondering how come what others say tends to influence us much in our likings of another human being... So when your friend likes someone and you tell them your opinion, you might be actually be ruining their lives, no matter what you say. Let's say you are supportive and they end up liking that person even more. They end up spending a fabulous holiday with them, they fall in love, but then something goes wrong. He never calls back, he turns out to be a jerk. Then can't help feeling a part of the guilt is yours, thinking that maybe if you had said something, nothing would have ever gone wrong. And then there is the case when you stop a friend from dating someone, and years later they come and tell you how sorry they are they didn't and how maybe they made the mistake of their life.
It is all so realitve you see, the good and bad in everyone. It will always be two spheres of influence, clashing, there will always be risks. Depending on the angle you shine the light, and depending on what is left in the shadows, they might be the one, or definettly not the one. It is all about you in the end, about the things you are willing to overlook and about taking everything your friends say with a grain of salt.


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