Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Very Familiar Story

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a princess. Like all fair princesses, the day came when she was stolen by a mighty dragon. Of course you might think the dragon stole her for her wit or beauty, but the truth to the matter is that he merely stole her because it was his duty. He had been doing it for years, and since the last princess had just been rescued, he had to maintain his dragon reputation and steal another lady.

The fair maiden had many suitors who rushed to her rescue. But, as the story goes, some of them seem to either have the wrong directions to find the dragon, the wrong skills to fight him or simply lack the courage to steal the princess back. But there were also those who managed to reach the princess, only to discover she was not as well guarded as they expected. They received a warm welcome at first, they might have even stolen a kiss, only later to discover they didn't stand a chance and to be bitterly sent back by the angry princess.

But then you see the dragon started to become weary, why wasn't the fair lady rescued sooner? His reputation demanded stealing another princess. Tired of waiting,he decided to free her himself, so one day he simply let her go. So she left, without a word, never to be heard of again.

Many tried to solve the mystery of the forgotten princess. When asked, the dragon couldn't answer, neither could the rejected suitors who had gone through so much to reach her. Some say she didn't have a heart and just liked to play with the destinies of young princes. But there are those who think she might have secretly liked the mighty dragon. She knew that in this world dragons don't fall for princesses and princesses shouldn't fall for dragons so she didn't say a thing. As for the suitors... ah well, the princess was not the settling sort.


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