Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Making Footballs that can save lives in Africa!

Lately I have been involved in a project promoting Global Giving, a site that promotes giving to smaller non profit projects. Since soccer has been to some level an important part of our team, we decided to become champions for a project that makes footballs that can save lives in Africa.

Our goal is to raise 1500 dollars, which means 100 balls.

Please help us reach our goal!
We are putting together a page to keep track of everyone helping out. You can either give on the website ( let me know if you do) or give us the money directly and we will give everything together!

Making footballs that can save lives in Africa

80 stitchers are making tough, repairable leather soccer balls & volleyballs in Africa for kids who hardly get to see a proper ball. Each ball carries a simple HIV/AIDS or Malaria awareness message.

Theme: Education |
Location: Kenya | Need: $500,000

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