Friday, April 14, 2006

Without You

One of these days something changed.

One morning I you weren't there. I turned my heart upside down searching, but still couldn't find any trace of you left. I did find some bruises, a few healed wounds and a some nice memories, but nothing else.

I tried to figure out how it happened but my mind couldn't drive my heart to disclosure. She said she was bound to silence by ancient rules not meant to be understood by mortals. She said if we could controll when and who we love, the human race would becone extinct due to boredom and lack of passion.

Oh that's right, I had almost forgotten. There were three pounds the passion I found hidden under some ordinary looking hugs. But then, since you didn't seem to want them, and neither did I, they ended up dumped right in the crematory of reason.

Now that's all been taken care of, what's left? Emptyness, lonleyness.. freedom?


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