Monday, February 26, 2007

What's Your Post-It?

So a bunch of friends and I started this group.. "What's Your Post It?"
The idea is that is you had only one post it write to yourself, someone else, or the world, what would it say?
Join our group! Express yourself!

Monday, February 12, 2007

What I Miss...

I miss people.
My parents. Hearing my dog snore in the middle of the night.
McGraw tower chimes playing every day.
Natasa getting mad.
My very ugly couch I found in the middle of the street and adopted for my porch.
Cooking, eating on the ugly couch, and cuddling all night while people passed by.
Painting... on people's feet.
My Grandma... I miss her so much.
Ithaca is gorges phobia.
Being in love.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Love Stanford

I really do. Even when it's 3 am and I'm still working.
Fortunately that's not the case tonight. Christina and I crashed 3 parties and we had waay too much fun doing it. That was to make up for bitching at each other while we were walking from one to another. Going out every weekend really makes a difference. Although last quarter life was pretty good, I think taking it a little easier makes a huge difference!!!

What else? Lately things have been great. I am really excited about my job next fall, about our trip to South East Asia this summer and mostly about my coming trip to China!!! I've been working so hard on our Hong Kong project... maybe a little to hard. I've been getting a little frustrated. I guess it's such an open ended problem. But, if you're reading this and would like to help us, please take the following survey:

Other cool stuff.. We visited IDEO for MS&E282 and it was awesome. Then we actually worked on a NASCAR car and got to change the tires. Pretty cool! I will post the pictures soon! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to take all these amazing courses, especially my courses. I have learned how to open my mind, thanks to my professors and my team members!

I'm going to sleep now.. . good night :)