Thursday, May 24, 2007


There's something about myths that has always fascinated me. It's maybe that, somewhere deep inside, I've always wanted to believe. I've learned to kill reason and accept that there are some things that we can still not explain. I opened my eyes to Borges, Eliade, Garcia Marquez and Hesse, and followed their trail of magic realism trying to believe, somewhere, at the back of my brain, that I could transform it into magic reality.

But what is really magic? Is it the way my middle left toe smiles when it sees you, even though you never notice it? Or maybe the morning singing me a lullaby. Or is it the way rain sounds different when you're happy or sad? Or maybe magic is hope, because it's there even when it's not.

It's late and I have no idea why I wrote this. Maybe it was for you, or for me, or for noone.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Sometimes, in our endless search for perfection we forget who we are. We look for new dreams to follow and challenges to take upon and we fail to notice what we have until, well until we are about to lose it.

Someone reminded me who I was yesterday. It felt like waking up from a dream where I was fighting monsters. And when I opened my eyes I finally saw they were nothing else than harmless windmills.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Making Footballs that can save lives in Africa!

Lately I have been involved in a project promoting Global Giving, a site that promotes giving to smaller non profit projects. Since soccer has been to some level an important part of our team, we decided to become champions for a project that makes footballs that can save lives in Africa.

Our goal is to raise 1500 dollars, which means 100 balls.

Please help us reach our goal!
We are putting together a page to keep track of everyone helping out. You can either give on the website ( let me know if you do) or give us the money directly and we will give everything together!

Making footballs that can save lives in Africa

80 stitchers are making tough, repairable leather soccer balls & volleyballs in Africa for kids who hardly get to see a proper ball. Each ball carries a simple HIV/AIDS or Malaria awareness message.

Theme: Education |
Location: Kenya | Need: $500,000

Give Now

Our Friendly Fox is on Slashdot!!!

Believe it or not... My Friendly Fox got on slashdot today:)
The result? Some controversy and a big spike in our number of visits!
We've then started a blog to tell users a little more about who we are... so go leave a comment!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Perfect Embrace...

... when two become one.

It all started, as Plato says, long long ago, when men were round and powerful. To weaken them, the gods split them up into two parts.
And ever since, we look for that perfect embrace that makes us whole again....

Friday, May 11, 2007

So Exciting

Someone in Italy wrote a blog entry about us.
It's really cool, naming us "the case of the rival toolbar, but friend of the users" :) and especially acknowledging the script we included that shows all thumbnails images in searches, not just the ones of the sellers that paid for additional services.

Grazie per la tua visita e il articulo sulla nostra toolbar :)

14 Words I Wish I Knew Right Now...

Galen: "Ever technomage knows the fourteen words that will make someone fall in love with you forever, but she only needed one."
Gideon: "What word?"
Galen: "'Hello'."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How Far True Friendship Goes :)

This is too cool.
Gus, you shouldn't have... hahaha!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Access eBay in a flash with the eBay Toolbar

"Currently, eBay's own browser toolbar is an Internet Explorer-only product. This Firefox equivalent serves up just about every eBay-related tool you can imagine: search (including options to search eBay Motors and, favorites, and quick access to various buyer, seller and My eBay pages. The toolbar also offers a boatload of useful links."

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why is this song haunting me?
Why can't I grow up?
Why is change paralyzing me?

Nose si quedan amigos, o si existe el amor
Si puedo contar con tigo, para hablar de dolor,
Si existe alguien que escuche, cuando alzo la vos
Y no sentirme sola.