Saturday, December 31, 2005

sushi samba

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thinking of you

I oughta be workin´ - but I can´t concentrate
I oughta be sleepin´ - ´steada stayin´ up late
When I oughta be doing all the things I should do
I think about you

I oughta be writin´ - but I can´t find the song
Just sittin´ here driftin´ - driftin´ along
There´s only one thing that I wanna do
And that´s think about you

I think about you - I can´t get no rest
I think about you - there ain´t no one else
It´s all I can do - I can´t help myself
Ya - I think about you

Bryan Adams :: I think about you

Monday, December 19, 2005


What is it about real life that changes us so much? It sometimes feels like we enter this new dimension where everything stops being different. Too afraid to explore our desires, too lazy to pick up the phone, too lonley to be happy. It seems we are reaching a point where life almost stagnates, suspended in a moment of continuous monotony. And we fight to break out, by going to parties, by changing jobs, by applying to gradschool, by breaking up and getting back together. But in the end, when the lights have faded, it seems our stories never change. You are always coming back to the same promises and threats, I find some new to hope to shatter, always failing to notice those who hope for me.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


In case of severe sadness due to recent loss take three doses of salsa, one glass of wine and two cups of coffee. That should cure it. If it doesn't work accept going on dates with cute guys, have very old friends visit and have hour long conversations with even older friends. If saddness pesists increase the dosage of wine and salsa and eventually go to sleep.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sex and Lucia

Lucia: Can I talk to you?
Lorenzo: Now?
Lucia: Later, then.
Lorenzo: I'm with a friend. What about?
Lucia: Well...
Lorenzo: Is something wrong?
Lucia: Yes.
Lorenzo: Tell me.
Lucia: Now?
Lorenzo: Yes.
Lucia: What's your name?
Lucia: Lucía.
Lorenzo: I'm Lorenzo.
Lucia: I know. I know you. I read your novel. Many times, and... I can't read anything else. It grabbed me inside and won't let go. But... I've also followed you. When I see you I like to follow behind and see where you go, in secret. I know where you live. It's nearby. And sometimes I see you here. Do you recognize me?
Lucia: I'm a waitress in that restaurant. You've never come in. My boss is fine. He's a good cook. But he wants to live together, and the truth is, I was really glad. Because... I felt needed. And I even like him. So... I've decided...
Lorenzo: What?
Lucia: The person I really wantto live with is you. It's not that you're lonely. I'm completely in love with you. Madly, as you can see.
Lorenzo: You're so brave.
Lucia: Yeah.
Lucia: And it's over.
Lucia: I tried.
Lucia: Did you enjoy that?
Lucia: Feel free to leave.
Lorenzo: Is there anything elseyou want?
Lucia: Yes. With time, living together, you'll end up falling in love with me, of course.
Lorenzo: I think I just did.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Much later ... I ended up breaking the glass jar with a knife.. cut my finger with a piece of glass from the jar... ate all the fois gras in one go... got sick ...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Quanto tempo ti posso amare?

Quanto tempo può durare?
Quante notti da sognare?
Quante ore, quanti giorni
E carezze infinite
Quando ami da morire
Chiudi gli occhi e non pensare
Il tempo passa, l'amore scompare
E la danza finirà!

Pink Martini :: Una Notte a Napoli

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Random Updates

Finally done with GRE... yay no more words!!!
Atlanta for Christmas, NYC for new years...
No more cool roomie :'-( he'll be all the way in DC .. so give me a call if you know anyone looking for a place to live around Philly, Manayunk is the best and I have an empty room
Goodbye party for Herve this Sat.. you're invited :)
I drove through snow for the first time
I have a crush...
I'm reading Camus
I need to go salsa
I miss home a lot
Grad school applications are killing me
Some old roomies I know are in love... yay !!! :-D
They are cancelling Arrested Development :(
I miss Cornell sometimes

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Hedgehogs

The little hedgehog was strolling through the forrest one day when she saw another handsome hedgehog. She took one look and fell instantly in love with him. Every day after she kept strolling through that part of the forrest just so she could see him, until one day she started talking to him. He talked back you see and soon they became friends. They sometimes even went stealing food or building hiding places together.

However one day our little hedgehog tried poking her new friend. But just then his spines came out hurting her, then her spines came out hurting him back. Bruised and hurt the little hedgehogs drew back and stopped talking, scared of eachother's spines.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Cierro los ojos y el alma
Para no ser vulnerable
Para no hundirme
en la inmensa prolongación del engaño
Hoy se derrumba mi razón
Hoy no tendrás mi bendición
Hoy se termina la prisión
Hoy tocaré la luz

Tu amor es frio
Como la sangre de tu mente muerta
Queriendo volverse fuego
Tu amor es frio
Como la escarcha que cubre tu escencia
Queriendo volverse agua.
Tu amor es frio.
Tu amor es frio.

Juanes :: Vulnerable