Friday, April 28, 2006

The perfect answer to a test...

You Belong in Barcelona

When it comes to Europe, you don't want to decide between culture and fun. You want art by day and a big party by night.
Barcelona is ideal for you. You can check out some Picasso, eat some tapas, take a siesta, and then dance all night!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Dreams can come true. Sometimes you have to work for them and and go on another coast for them... and sometimes they fall out of the sky on your front door...
Your Ideal Relationship is Casual Dating

Maybe you're looking for love...
But mostly you're looking for fun.
You could get serious with the right person.
For now, though, you're enjoying playing the field.
You Are 84% Open Minded

You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!
Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.
You don't have a judgemental bone in your body, and you're very accepting.
You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself.
You Are Smokin' Hot

You're a terrible flirt, a sharp dresser, and a party animal.
Of course, you're totally sizzling too. And for you, being hot just comes naturally.
Your Power Level is: 84%

You have all the tools you need to be a success - both professionally and personally.
You'll probably go beyond reaching your goals. You'll change the world (at least a little).
You Are a Super Flirt

You love to flirt, so much so that it gets you in trouble.
In almost any situation, you find yourself flirting - even when it's inappropriate.
You tend to embrace all flirting styles too.. from coy to sexy to playful to serious.
And if someone flirts back, you'll crank it up even more!
The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your partner is patient and never willing to give up on you.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is traditional. Without saying anything, both of you communicate with your hearts.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nubes Negras

There's something wrong with Winamp. It goes back to this song over and over again. It's like my mind is crying for it, changing the shape of time and randomness. It's so sunny and beautifull outside.. where did all the black clouds come from?

Moriria por ti.
Por ti moveria cielo y tierra, si pudiera.
Cuanto daria por tenerte a mi lado.
Sin ti me sentiria acabado.

Quien la han visto por ahi.
Siempre tan distante e intocable como siempre.
Eres el cielo y el infierno, de mis sueños.
Y te he soñado tantas veces.

Nubes Negras sobre mi, corazon
Nubes Negras sin ti, todo se acabaria
Nubes Negras sobre mi, corazon
Nubes Negras sin ti, me moriria.

Nubes Negras :: Los de Adentro

Airports suck

I'm bored out of my mind in a weird mood dreaming but awake

My mighty dragon

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Perfect Sunday

The perfect Sunday has to have a proper start. It must begin with a smile, maybe a hug or two, neither too early nor too late, and always quite some time after you have opened your eyes.

Because it's a Sunday, it must continue with the perfect brunch. Great company is required, and so are eggs and coffee.

The perfect Sunday must be usefull, finally finishing you taxes or selling you old textbooks on Amazon are activities that would qualify.

The perfect Sunday must be... pampering. Bubbly bath, long movies, lazy naps... Desperate Housewives :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Without You

One of these days something changed.

One morning I you weren't there. I turned my heart upside down searching, but still couldn't find any trace of you left. I did find some bruises, a few healed wounds and a some nice memories, but nothing else.

I tried to figure out how it happened but my mind couldn't drive my heart to disclosure. She said she was bound to silence by ancient rules not meant to be understood by mortals. She said if we could controll when and who we love, the human race would becone extinct due to boredom and lack of passion.

Oh that's right, I had almost forgotten. There were three pounds the passion I found hidden under some ordinary looking hugs. But then, since you didn't seem to want them, and neither did I, they ended up dumped right in the crematory of reason.

Now that's all been taken care of, what's left? Emptyness, lonleyness.. freedom?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Very Familiar Story

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a princess. Like all fair princesses, the day came when she was stolen by a mighty dragon. Of course you might think the dragon stole her for her wit or beauty, but the truth to the matter is that he merely stole her because it was his duty. He had been doing it for years, and since the last princess had just been rescued, he had to maintain his dragon reputation and steal another lady.

The fair maiden had many suitors who rushed to her rescue. But, as the story goes, some of them seem to either have the wrong directions to find the dragon, the wrong skills to fight him or simply lack the courage to steal the princess back. But there were also those who managed to reach the princess, only to discover she was not as well guarded as they expected. They received a warm welcome at first, they might have even stolen a kiss, only later to discover they didn't stand a chance and to be bitterly sent back by the angry princess.

But then you see the dragon started to become weary, why wasn't the fair lady rescued sooner? His reputation demanded stealing another princess. Tired of waiting,he decided to free her himself, so one day he simply let her go. So she left, without a word, never to be heard of again.

Many tried to solve the mystery of the forgotten princess. When asked, the dragon couldn't answer, neither could the rejected suitors who had gone through so much to reach her. Some say she didn't have a heart and just liked to play with the destinies of young princes. But there are those who think she might have secretly liked the mighty dragon. She knew that in this world dragons don't fall for princesses and princesses shouldn't fall for dragons so she didn't say a thing. As for the suitors... ah well, the princess was not the settling sort.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Maltese Falcon

Sam Spade: I've no earthly reason to think I can trust you.
If I do this and get away with it, you'll have something on me...
...that you can use whenever you want to.
Since I've got something on you...
...I couldn't be sure that you wouldn't put a hole in me someday.
All those are on one side.
Maybe some of them are unimportant. I won't argue about that.
But look at the number of them.
What have we got on the other side?
All we've got is that maybe you love me and maybe I love you.

Brigid O'Shaughnessy: You know whether you love me or not.

Sam Spade: Maybe I do. I'll have some rotten nights after I've sent
you over, but that'll pass. If all I've said doesn't mean anything to
you... ...then forget it and we'll make it just this:
I won't, because all of me wants to regardless of consequences...
...and because you've counted on it...
...the same as you counted on it with all the others.

Rainy afternoon

It's raining and I am being utterly lazy. Of course I have so much to do. Instead I'm cooking fish masala and doing cute tests I find on people's blogs, like the one below.

Your Brain is 86.67% Female, 13.33% Male

You have the brain of a girly girl
Which isn't a bad thing at all
You're emphatetic, caring, and in tune with emotions.
You're a good friend and give great advice.

Who would have thought.. I've always thought I think more like a man..

Monday, April 03, 2006


Things have been changing lately.. I feel like a boiling pot, ready to burst out. I went to Romania.. too late for a hug, only to say a silent goodbye. Then I went to North, to my beloved Ithaca and saw old friends. I started cleaning my papers, so I wend back to the past. These past few week were a sort of piligramage into my life so far, only to make me decide the path to take from now on. I decided to move South, so next year I will be in sunny San Francisco, at Stanford University..